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York Foundation for Conservation & Craftmanship

YJA has worked on historic buildings and monuments to restore architectural features, plasterwork and traditional and contemporay art work. Wherever possible authentic materials and methods are considered. This can involve techniques such as paint and pigment analysis for flat 3-D surfaces, contemporary mortar analysis and investigation.
We have developed a highly specialised consultancy and restoration service for Scagliola, Stucco and Stuccolustro. This can involve working on site for architecturally bound forms.
Cleaning & restoring plasters & fresco work Historic building conservation
Restoring renders & mortars Scagliola, Stuccolustro
Polychrome work for sculptural surfaces
Ceiling Restoration  - ceilings present special problems
and YJA has many successful and innovative solutions.
The picture at the top left was taken at Lyme Hall during the injection of grouting of delaminated coatwork .
All restoration work is recorded and where necessary carefully analysed in order to establish the method of sympathetic restoration/consolidation. Sampling for mortars is done to B.S. and also tailored specifications. XRD and similar analytic techniques are employed.

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Images from the top left are showing examples of:

Lyme Hall
Manchester Town Hall
Pre-Raphaelite Mural
Restored Detail of mural
Statue - Verginius 19thC marble at Breton Hall