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Scagliola - This is a particular speciality for YJA. Scagliola is a hard plaster finish with deep vein patterns. This was used widely in the 17c, 18c, 19c for architectural structures and earlier for decorative tables and inlays.
Stucco Lustro An ancient technique for a highly polished plaster for walls and surfaces
Stucco and Lime modellingOften handworked hardened lime plaster. Highly refined down to vernacular parged work.
Mastics Oil based modelling material from 18th and 19th century often used for porch details. Internally they were used for ceiling and fire mantle details.
Compositions – Variable recipes were made for pressing into moulds and the delicate detail was used for ceilings and ornamentations.


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Above: Leventhorpe Hall painted early 19thC.
             Restored 2005
Side:    Inlays 18thC mantle decoration